Chi siamo

Information about our company

L 'fourth-generation company has
deep roots in the soul of the
production and marketing of fruit and
vegetable products,
which specifically Oranges Tarocco.
In 1979 Cav. Caniglia Mario father
of Giusy become
merchants of necessity,
in fact heir to the third generation
of vast expanses of citrus groves,
lies in times of great crisis
that prevented
the product contribution.
From there the choice of Cav. Caniglia
to place a product on the market, the
central and northern Italy. In 2009, he founded the Caniglia Giusy
"Josephine Caniglia Giusy"
company operating on sound principles ....
inheriting the work of his father.
With the cooperation and support that only a family can give
Giusy Caniglia increased its production and the collaboration of
Josephine's daughter and her husband Vincenzo Gueli
that with his experience and honesty can give confidence to
producers who annually give their product in 'Company,
as a method of organizing consortium between producers,
product owners of suitable areas in large part
with integrated crop production.
In this way the company will shorten the supply chain,
with a lowering of production costs and above all select
the product variety and quality organoleptic
being careful to collection times,
the vesting period, and delivery times,
providing the consumer with a suitable product,
but above all controlled in the base.
With the ability to produce a high quality
product and offering the product
on the basis of National and Foreign,
Josephine of Caniglia Giusy in a few years
he reached a great level of prestige.