Josephine di Caniglia Giusy

L 'Italy is a democratic republic
founded on work.
This is one of the principles upon which the
Josephine of Caniglia Giusy
born from the desire to move forward and to
fight Italy in a constant crisis.
  Our strength is our Earth with its scents
its colors,
this gives us the possibility to cultivate
the products that other regions do not
have the same organoleptic
characteristics of Sicilian products.


    COLLECTION The harvest takes place from the end of October,
and direct from the tree using scissors manual pinzettatura. Citrus fruits collected in boxes placed in well-ventilated plastic,
are delivered to the processing warehouse throughout the day.
The discharge of the incoming product is effected with the aid
of loading ramps and platforms tipper.
Specific warehouse areas are reserved for storage of the product.   THE PACKAGING DEPARTMENT BIG PACK:
The fruits from the outputs programmed through the grading machine,
are conveyed to the posts of wrap (rapid pack)
where those persons charged shall package them manually in packaging:
- cardboard - plastic
The individual packages are then palletized, strapped and edichettati
to give security to the consumer by identifying the traceability
and the various specifications of the product and therefore guarantee
transparency on the source of the product itself.
At this point the finished product is stored and intended for
marketing through with temperature control refrigerated transport.

The Department Confezionamento- Small Packages

The fruits from the outputs programmed through the grading machine,
are conveyed to automatic weighing machines located
upstream of the packaging machines. Such machines are equipped according to the production program
in order to achieve smaller packs:
- network - girsac
Individual packages of outgoing with legalized weight or number already
labeled fruits are conveyed to the accumulation tables where workers
operators shall manual arrangement inside the packaging
Secondary (plastic or cardboard packaging). The individual packages are palletised, strapped and stored
in designated areas for the finished product, if deemed
necessary is provided for cold storage. Once packaged citrus fruits are ready to be marketed.

Our Products IGP

The definition Red Orange of Sicily (PGI)
is used to identify certain varieties of oranges
with a protected geographical indication (PGI) grown in many centers
in the provinces of Catania, Enna and Syracuse.
The PGI designation recognizes as Sicilian
blood oranges of the following varieties:
*the variety Tarot, with clones: Tarot Municipality,
Galice Tarot, Tarot Gallo, Messina Tarot, Tarot by Muzzle,
Tarot Nucellare 57-IE-1, Tarot Nucellare 61-1E-4,
Tarot Catania, Scirè Tarot, Tarot red.
*the Moro, with the following varieties and clones:
Moro Municipality, Moro Nucellare 58-8D-l.
*the variety Sanguinello, with varieties and clones:
Dogwood City, Sanguinello Moscato,
Moscato Sanguinello Nucellare 3/5/49,
Dogwood Moscato Nucellare 5/5/49, Dogwood Cuscunà Moscato.
The IGP Protected Geographical Indication is a mark of quality that is attributed
to a product whose origin occurs in a specific geographical area.
Those who produce IGP must follow the strict rules
of production regulations, and compliance with these rules is guaranteed
by the inspection.
Our company adheres to the Consortium of Red Orange of Sicily and our products are IGP.